Wednesday, 27 February 2013

It's Been Awhile

So it's been a really long time since I have posted on this site. Honestly it was because I was posting on Wordpress instead. No excuses right. Well, I figure I'll use this blog to show you a little of the fun things I have been doing and to track my weight loss progress. I know sounds like fun right!!!?

A little bit about myself. I'm from Louisiana and love it but that doesn't mean I don't use every excuse I can find to pack a bag and head out on an adventure. I love to travel! Not real sure where I picked up the travel bug but I love finding new places to explore.

                                                    This is me in Italy a couple of years ago.

I really love to read. I look like the Bag Lady when I leave the library. So I am sure I will use this space to share my favorite and not so favorite books with you.

I guess what you really need to know about me is I am a football fanatic! I love my Tigers (LSU)!
I try to make every home game and sometimes even the away games. Pretty sure I bleed Purple and Gold.
                              Tailgating before the LSU/Bama game this year. Geaux Tigers!

I've recently tried to become a runner (what I really mean is I've tried to like running). It's been a struggle but every time I reach a new milestone I get excited. I want to do my I crossed the finish line dance. But I'm sure the people at the gym might call the cops on me! I've also recently picked Pilates back up. But this isn't just your regular Pialtes! It's Pilates on a machine that looks like a huge torture device. That being said I love every minute of the torture!
This is a Megaformer and no I do not look like her when I use this torture device. Someday!

That's it for now. I can't wait to have you guys join me on my journey. Weather it's thru books, travel, or working out