Thursday, 15 July 2010

Rain, Rain, go away! Come back when I am in Italy!

So it is raining here in Jolly 'Ole England. AGAIN! Can't catch a break. It's hard enough to get these three 11 year old girls to get dressed and on the train into the city but in the rain forget about it! I feel really horrible that they want to stay in watch TV and play on the computer all day and they are perfectly content to do this for days on end. Am I being a bad babysitter? I am going to make them get a move on and take them to the Tate Modern. Not sure how that is going to go over since they complained about the Crown Jewels at the Tower of England yesterday! I mean who doesn't enjoy 530 carat diamonds!? Am I asking too much of kids? Does this mean I will be a terrible mother someday?

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