Friday, 31 May 2013

Patrick Peterson =Superman

So y'all may not know this about me since I haven't been blogging that long but I heart Patrick Peterson. He plays corner for the Arizona Cardinals but he was once an LSU Tiger. There wasn't a Saturday when he was playing at LSU that something magical didn't happen. I personally think he started the saying DBU here at LSU. My friends in every state know how much I love this guy. Any given Sunday I will have at least 10 text on my phone because he has done something awesome like tie the NFL record in kick returns and he was only a rookie when he did it. I'm telling you guys he is Superman (Sorry Shaq!)

One of my favorite nights while Patrick was in college was against West Virginia. I just happened to be sitting behind Patrick's family. West Virginia was kicking off to the always dangerous PP7. He ran that punt back and in the end zone struck the Heisman Pose! It was epic! The student section was going bonkers. But my favorite part of the whole episode was his family was talking the whole time and didn't see the punt return or the Heisman Pose. Meanwhile back at the ranch; I was going ape shit! I kept telling them he was going to be front page of the paper the next day.

I was also in Tuscaloosa the year Patrick made the infamous Interception that wasn't. Alabama home cooking I tell you. Stick around long enough and I will be glad to tell you why I think the SEC offices should be moved out of Birmingham. Anyway, it was obviously an interception he got both feet in. He even made a huge whole in the field where his feet landed. I could see the pulled up grass from where I was sitting.

See for yourself! Def an Interception.

So kids there you have it! Venus Trapped is having a Fan Friday link up over on her blog today and Patrick is my submission for favorite player.

Patrick Peterson
Y'all should head over to her blog and check out her cute post about the Ugliest Mascots of all time! Oh and please excuse my blog title I honestly suck at blog titles!

Venus Trapped in Mars

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

I just want to make out with the music

Gosh y'all we have made it to day 29 in the Blog a Day in May challenge! Today we are supposed to give you five songs that speak to us or bring back memories! I love this because I love music! Music speaks to me.

Kenny Chesney singing please come to Boston gets me every time. I dated a man who was always gone for work and I feel this song represents us kind of sad right?

My second song is knee deep with Zac Brown Band and Jimmy Buffet. It's pretty self explanatory. I always want to be knee deep in the water somewhere!

This one is Kevin Griffin from Better Than Ezra singing one of my favorite songs they sing. It's called Under You. They have one line in the song that represents me all the time. "California seems to draw you like a siren...."

So this one is probably one of my all time favorite songs. Yes it is techno but it holds so many memories for me. People laugh when I say  I will play this at my wedding if I ever get married. And don't think I won't throw napkins when the song hits toward the end.

Please ignore the very beginning of this video I couldn't find a clean version of Porcelain on youtube. I have loved this song for years. I think everyone has had a moment in life where they have wanted to shake some sense into who ever they were with.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Day 28, Only Pictures

Cinque Terre, Italy

The Cove Atlantis

My Motivation

I heart Alexander.

The house we stayed in Mexico. Everything you see that is yellow was our house.


PV, Mexico

Locks of Love Florence

Jefferson Island, LA

I love this picture. Such a candid shot of me and my friends.

Patrick Peterson. My all time favorite Tiger.

My sweet boys as puppies

Capri, Italy. Pure Magic

My home on a Saturday night in the fall.


PV, Mexico at Sunrise

Locks of Love Paris

Lady A at the Wharf in Orange Beach

Venice, Italy

Adam Levine my pretend Boyfriend.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Little Bit Country

So every Memorial Day weekend for the past few years Baton Rouge puts on a huge two day Country concert called Bayou Country Superfest. I picked Saturday to attend this year because both days is a little much. The line up on the day I picked was Aaron Lewis, Thompson Square, Darius Rucker, Miranda Lambert, and Lady Antebellum. I would have gone if it was just Lady A and none of the others.

Aaron Lewis made me happy because I loved him in Staind. I had to run into a meet and greet so I'm not sure if he played any staind songs. But he sang his country songs well. He totally doesn't look like a country singer with all his tatoos but when he starts singing he sells it!

Thompson Square was really good! Loved them! I didn't realize they were married. Guess you learn something new every day. I think they will be around for a long time or at least I hope so.

Hootie!!!!! OK! I know he is Darius but I don't know if I will ever be able to call him anything but Hootie! He was great. I didn't get to see all of his show because I had another meet and greet. So I totally missed Wagon Wheel and Lady Antebellum coming out on stage to sing it with them. He played some of his old stuff so I was happy!

Miranda Lamert. Hmmmmm what do I say about her. I think she is just angry! I would love to hangout with her but I'm def not into her music. You know have a beer because I think she is a beer drinker. Or i oculd have a vodka while she drinks some whiskey. A beach ball bounced on the stage and she totally popped it and threw it back into the crowd! In the past when they come on stage the acts sign the ball. She was not happy the ball was there. I did enjoy her set but I wouldn't pay money to see her again.

Now Lady Antebellum... What can I say? We were placing bets on if she was going to have that kid on stage! She is that pregnant! Charles carried her during the concert. They must have restructured the set list the more pregnant she got. I've seen them before and she normally sings more. I was ok with him singing more. Should have called it the Charles Kelly show. There was one point he sat on the satge and had a moment that I thought was the cutest thing. He said, "I'm an SEC boy and I am sitting in the middle of Tiger Stadium!" He gets it! He was saying exactly what I would say. It was adorable. He laid down on the stage after saying that and you know he was thinking how cool is this!!!? I just love them!

So rumor is next year Garth Brooks is going to play both nights of the show. If that happens I will pay a ton of money to get in the golden horseshoe. That is standing room only next to the stage. I want to be so close you can touch Garth! He is the best concert I have ever been to. Seriously!

Darius Rucker aka Hootie

Lady Antebellum
So I got lucky Sat and ended up with two meet and greets. I originally had just Lady Antebellum but my friend had an extra ticket and an extra meet and greet pass for Darius. I'm pretty sure I will never be allowed in another meet and greet again. I asked Darius if I could Tiger Bait him (LSU pride). And then I totally bypassed shaking Hillary's hand because I was supposed to tell Dave and Charles something. And then the real doozie is that I made a joke to Hillay about setting me up with Adam Levine! Yep! I did that! I don't think any of them thought that is what I was going to ask them.  Doesn't matter because I totally had a blast!

Hope you guys had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! I am super thankful for the troops out there serving and protecting our country.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Small Things

I got the chance to visit my best friend and godchild yesterday. It was my best friends birthday so it was  pretty awesome to surprise her on her special day. I don't live in the same town anymore so it was interesting trying to take care of logistics and making sure she was home. While I was there I snapped this sweet picture of my godchild trying to hold my hand. I may have to frame it. Reminds me to celebrate the small things in life. Hope she knows Honey will always love her!

"Everyone has a home team: It's the people you call when you get a flat tire or when something terrible happens. It's the people who, near or far, know everything that's wrong with you and love you anyways"

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Just Horsing Around

My dear friend Jennier got engaged a couple of months ago and we took this weekend to celebrate the Happy Couple with a party! It was so much fun!

The bride

Oh you know there is just a donkey hanging out at the party

Sometimes you just have to kiss a little ass.

Played my first ever game of corn hole and won.

Anthro girls

More Anthro girls

Friday, 17 May 2013

It's all about me today

Jenni, at Story of My Life Blog asked that Day 17 be a favorite photo of yourself and to tell you why we picked it. I couldn't pick just one. Sorry!

So I was what, probably 4 in the picture above. It's about when I fell in love with Halloween. Yeah, Halloween is my favorite holiday so that is why I love this pic so much. I was adorable and it involved Halloween.

I love this above pic of myself because I feel like it could be in a magazine ad. Mardi Gras is so much fun every year. I mean you get to act like a princess. I really want to blow this picture up and hang it in my living room someday.

This picture was taken in Seattle a few years ago. It shows my passion for LSU and my love of traveling all in one. Seattle just might have been one of my favorite football roadtrips. We brought 25,000 fans to the West Coast. Seattle will never be the same.

Mike the Tiger is my one true boyfriend. Can't you see?

I love the pic above because I use it as motivation. I will be that thin again. BTW no I am not a hooch this was Halloween one year. My friends like to tell me Donna Martin wants her outfit back.

 Last but not least is my picture in front of the leaning tower of Pisa. I love to travel and this represents my want to get back to Europe.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Going to the Chapel...

So I attended a wedding this past Sat. and had the best time! My friend Jilian married her best friend and I couldn't be happier for her. See below for a few pics, most of them are me goofing off. Enjoy!

Last of the old school at Jill's wedding.

Super cute tags on the back of the bride and grooms chairs. 

Sign at the bar. Cute and Ironic.

You know I had to play under the night sky a bit. I know the wedding photographer has a better pic.

The beautiful bride!

No one ever said Prada is supposed to feel good. (Sorry for the foot shot guys!)

The band getting down

My fake Cartier. 

Being Stupid with Mel.

Sometimes the bride needs a little help.

The band was so sweet to let me play with them. ;)

The bride and her brother for the send off.