Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Crashing the Quarter (Tuesday Tune)

In honor of Dave Matthews playing thru the pouring rain this past Sunday at New Orleans Jazzfest I thought I would make him my Tuesday Tune.

Picture taken from NOLA.COM

Dave singing thru the rain. Picture from NOLA.COM

How amazing are those two pictures of Dave! Such a trooper singing thru the rain. Looks like he was having a blast. From what I understand the people at the back of the show were having a mud party during "Ants are Marching". Not my idea of fun but to each their own!

This is Say Goodbye from MTV's Crashing the Quarter (1996)

Ant's Marching from the 2009 Jazzfest.


  1. gosh, DMB just puts me in a good mood! I was at an outdoor concert in baltimore one time where it started pouring and the kids in the back thought it would be a good idea to have a mud party too. def not my jam, but they seemed to be loving it. maybe we were missing out?!

    1. DMB puts me in a good mood too. Brings me back to my college days. Yeah I am going to skip the mud party. I OK with missing out on that.