Friday, 19 April 2013

Such a Klutz

So I have been trying to get back in my workout routine and so far this week I have been pretty good. I've made it to my SPX (Pilates on the Megaformer) class three times and I have run 3 miles three times this week. I'd say that is pretty good. I'm trying to makeup for what I know isn't going to happen next week. I have a work conference all week next week where I have to be at work for 6 AM and probably won't be done till around 11 PM each day. Not sure when I am going to find time to workout but I will do it, just maybe not as much as I should. Food next week will be a problem because I basically have to stay onsite and that means eating what is provided to me.

So I thought you guys would get a kick out of how much of a klutz I am and how I seriously think I am on my own version of the Truman Show (you know that movie with Jim Carey where they are following him around with cameras and everything is fake. Made up by the producers). Or maybe my own version of Punked and no one has jumped out yet yelling Punked!

Last night I went to Pilates to get my workout on. See example of the machine we workout on below. Yep, looks like a torture device! Literally almost all the parts of the machine move in some way so you have to be careful not to pull or push something while you are performing a move or you will jack something up. If you know me you know that is an absolutely stupid request to make! I have a hard time not doing what I am not supposed to do. Not because I am a rebel but because I am a klutz! Remind me to tell you a story about how I embarrassed myself in front of the entire LSU baseball team when I was in college (this baseball team included at least 4 now major league players). I'll save that for another day. You only get to laugh at me once today.

Anyway, I almost fell and busted my teeth 3 times last night. I need to warn my dentist that I may be calling her a couple of times a week at the rate I'm going! Twice last night we were performing moves on the front of the machine (area closest to you in the picture. Away from the mirror.) You see those handle bars? Well they shift and move. I was on the moving bed holding onto the handle bars and they kept popping out causing me to almost fall. They must have oiled the handles or something because I had a hard time keeping them steady and they aren't usually that easy to move. This all happened at the beginning of the workout so I had anxiety for the rest of the workout.

The last piece of klutziness happened towards the end of class. So there are two platforms on the bed that don't move and the middle is a moving carriage. We were all performing a move where our left leg was on the stable platform and our right leg was on the moving carriage. To stabilize our self we were supposed to hold onto the red handles (you can see them tucked in the front in the picture below). So here I am in squat position, holding onto the red handle, using the red handle to stabilize myself. So the move is sit in squat position and push the carriage out with your leg as far as you can go. It works your thigh muscles. Burns!!!!! Anyway, I was fully extended holding onto the handle when I don't know how the handle came off the rope and I was flailing around like the damn coyote that falls off the cliff after chasing around the roadrunner! I am sure it was a sight to see but I was on the end and everyone was facing the window so I am the only one that saw the whole thing go down! See I knew I picked the end bed for a reason! The only reason the instructor knew something was up was because I was cursing and there was a thud from me jumping off the carriage. I really thought I was going to fall and break my teeth. See I told you I needed to keep my dentist on speed dial (it's OK I was in her wedding).   Anyway, after that I just reattached the handle and finished my workout. If that isn't a enough to make you quit I don't know what is! But I won't quit. I haven't lost any weight but that damn torture device has helped me lose to dress sizes in inches so I will keep at it.

Megaformer at Bodyfactory Baton Rouge
So this weekend I am really pumped! A few of my friends and I are doing the Color Run! Can't wait to be covered in Color. I have this friend who hates to get dirty and she is doing the run with us and I can't wait to see how this works out for her.
I went to Zoe's to grab a bite to eat this week and when I clicked on their app and this is what popped up! Who knew Zoe's had daily Inspiration!? Hope you guys enjoy your weekend! 


  1. going to the gym is just asking for hurts. i still have a scar from when i fell doing box jumps a few months ago. just another reason we should stay away from the gym.

    1. Ha1 So true but I have to! I won't do it on my own

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    1. I followed you on both! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by.

  3. I love the quote in the last picture my dear!
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