Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Happy Birthday to me!

So Monday was my actual Birthday but I'm pretty sure I have been celebrating for a week straight and I still have a couple of days left where I have late Birthday plans with friends. But I promise this will be the last post about my Birthday!

Woke up Monday morning and did Pilates but I am pretty sure my chicken mini's canceled out any burned calories.

Been on a mission to find a dress for a wedding I am attending in May. This one was cute but it wasn't the one.

Had lunch at my favorite restaurant in Baton Rouge (DiGiulio Brothers). Sipped on a couple of splits of Champagne.

Got a mani/pedi with my Birthday polish!

Had dinner at Ruffino's! Yummy steak and crab meat.

Birthday cheesecake.

Ruffino's gives you cotton candy after dinner. All I could think of was the Beverly Hills Housewives and Taylor molesting the cotton candy.

Cute eCard sent by one of my friends.

Work friends. Ummm I want a blue dog with my name on it!

We had to light that candle 5 times!

Blurry but it's a cotton candy mustache!

Cute dress I had to call and order over the phone from Hemline in Lafayette for my Godchild! She is going to be so cute!

Birthday Flowers!

Cynthia Vincent bag I purchased for myself

Another cake. I am going to have to become Forrest Gump and run for days to work off all the cakes!


  1. HAPPY Birthday!!!!! looks delicious- everything!

  2. Happy happy happy late birthday!! It looks like you are having an amazing birthday week :)