Monday, 1 April 2013

Springing Forward

There are a lot of things I am looking forward to these next couple of months. Easter was yesterday and what that means for me is I can now wear Seersucker! I am borderline obsessed with Seersucker and I don't find many things sexier on a man than a Seersucker suit. So yummy! Lucky I have a few weddings to attend this season where I am sure to see a few suits pop up.

Jolie and Elizabeth Seersucker Dress.
Seersucker Sperry's

I am also pretty excited that Game of Thrones Season III started last night! I just love all the drama it provides every week! Do you watch?


Today is opening day for Major League Baseball and I love it. We don't have MLB here in Louisiana so I get my fix by watching LSU. Our stadium, Alex Box is pretty bad ass! I haven't made it to a game yet this year but I will hopefully do that soon. We are pretty good this year (that's nothing new)!
Alex Box
And last but not least I am looking forward to getting back on the workout wagon. I had fallen off these last three weeks and needed to find a way to re-motivate myself. I went back to Pilates this morning at 5:15 AM so that was a plus. Actually everyone must be on vacation because I basically got a private session from the instructor because no one else showed up! My legs were shaking when I left today. I always count that as a bonus! I need to remember why I workout and why I try to eat as healthy as possible. I need to lose 20 lbs. All the Pilates workouts have been great for me because I have lost inches but I haven't lost any weight. I've been holding steady at 155 for over a month now. I want to be able to wear a bikini this summer. That's my goal!

Mikoh Swimwear
Or wear this amazing dress and have my legs look like Carrie Underwood!

Alice and Olivia Goddess Dress
So if you have any great workout tips or Motivation send them my way!

Give up Giving up


  1. What a gorgeous dress! Good luck with the weight loss, girl! You can do it. :-)

  2. Love the searsucker dress and Alice + Olivia black dress! So cute. I'm also a huge fan of Game of Thrones. Been reading the books for most of the past year. Finally on book 5 and I have resorted to listening to the book on tape in the car during my commute. I come home and watch the season 2 episodes I miss! This season 3 is going to be amazing.

    1. I keep picking up the books to read and I can't get thru them. Maybe if I had read the book first then watched the season it would have worked. I think I just get so bogged down with keeping everyone straight! The first episode of season 3 was good so I hope the whole season lives up to my expectations. :)

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