Monday, 8 April 2013

Weekend Recap

My weekend started on Thursday last week and I can't tell you how excited I was to have those few days off. I made my way from Baton Rouge to Lafayette to start the celebrations off right. And let me tell you, I had a million Birthday Celebrations along the way this weekend. What else are Birthday's for? I am so blessed to have such great friends and family to spend time with. Oh and I made sure to stop by some of my favorite places in Lafayette (Judice Inn, Tsunami Sushi, Hemline, and Pamplona.) Sorry this post is so picture heavy!

The girls at Kenny Chesney

Just enjoying one of the many Big Ass Beers I had. Can you say over served?

We love Eli Young Band too!


My iPhone doesn't do Kenny justice.

Louisiana Love

One of the best burgers you will ever have.

Egg and Cheese sandwich. So amazing!

Had a few of these.

Blew out candles more than once. What girl doesn't want a million Birthday Celebrations?

Spent Friday night with these folks. I am so blessed. Please disregard that we look like demons!

Tsunami with my Mom for lunch on Sat.

Sat. night was all about celebrating this lovely lady in the middle.

Trying to find a dress that fits to that very same wedding. What do you think?

Finally Sunday night was pre Birthday dinner of Crawfish and Abita Strawberry at Sammy's with good friends! 


  1. we share a love for crawfish, so you know i like you. and i love that dress. i can't really pull off high- lo but you got it! looks like a super fun weekend- jealous!

    1. I ended up not getting the hi-lo dress because I always feel weird in them! And Helene I love your blog it cracks me up everyday!

  2. This looks like the best weekend ever! I am DROOLING over that sushi and that Crawfish, holy cow, yum.
    I also love that dress!

    1. That dress was great but I ended up finding another one. I was on a mission Monday to find a dress for that wedding! Crawfish and sushi are always a good idea. Sometimes they are even good together. I think there is a restaurant in town that has one called the John Breaux (He was a Louisiana State representative). Anyway the roll has crawfish in it.

    2. Oh that sounds WAY too yummy.

  3. Love the tall beers, but that crawfish looks especially good!

    1. Those tall beers bit me in the ass the next day! Ha! And the crawfish was so good. Sometimes you just need a little.