Monday, 6 May 2013

2013 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival

Day 6 of the challenge is supposed to describe what we do if we couldn't say our job. Well, I wasn't too sure what that was supposed to mean so I decided to make my own day 6. 

Well, I officially made Friday Happy Adam Levine day. Yep I don't care if no one else wanted to celebrate with me because I was going to celebrate it anyway. I trekked from Baton Rouge to New Orleans just to see him at jazzfest. Normally that wouldn't be a problem except it has been raining for days and jazzfest takes place at the New Orleans fairgrounds. That means mud and things that smell like horse poop! Yuck! And no I don't own rain boots and I wasn't going pay for a pair just for one day. So my friend Muffy and I braved the mud. Y'all you have to understand that Muffy is such a trooper, she's pregnant and well the bathrooms at jazzfest aren't exactly the bathroom I want to use much less if I was pregnant.

We found a spot that didn't have a lake associated with it and parked our chairs. Marc Broussard was the opener for Maroon 5 and I was excited because he is literally from 10 min away from my hometown. If you have never listened to him check him out he has an incredible bluesy voice! Gavin's Song and Home are two of my favorites. I will say you could tell the crowd had no idea who he was and they were just there for Adam but it's OK I thought he did great.

Next up was Adam. I was appreciative that Willie Nelson was playing at the same time so a lot of people left and headed over that way so the crowd lightened up for a minute but then became packed again.

Y'all he is adorable! They came out and bantered with the crowd about how he wanted to go see Willie but duty called so here he was on stage about to perform for us. He stopped the concert once again in the middle of the concert to adamantly deny that a poster of a naked man that looked like him lying on a motorcycle was definitely not him. It was adorable. He told the girl as long as you know that is not me I will sign the poster. All in all they did not disappoint and I was happy to brave the mud, cold, and who knows what else just to see Adam. Now I want to see them in concert where I am not braving the shoe sucking mud and maybe just maybe get closer than I was.

This year's jazzfest poster. It honestly may be my all time favorite. Love the artist and Aaron Neville.

Duplex on my way to jazzfest. Love it.

Muffy braving the shoe sopping sty that was the path to the food at jazzfest.

Man down!

Marc Broussard rocking the 337! 

These signs were everywhere!

I just wanted to be that microphone!

Both of us hoping Adam would just take off his shirt.

He did take off his leather jacket.

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  1. Your comment made me smile - and then I saw that you believe in serendipity, I do too. It was one of the words I used in the Day 1 challenge :) I'm too squirm-ish about getting my feet dirty but I feel like for the right event I'd do it!

  2. Give me Adam Levine (without all that mud) and no one gets hurt.

  3. Replies
    1. Ha! Yes it was fun but I promise it would have been more fun with out the shoe sucking mud. ;)

  4. so glad i found your blog! i am from louisiana ( originally mandeville ) then went to lsu ! i am very familiar with jazz fest and am so sad i couldn't go this year. that was the famous picture this, the feet in the mud, haha! even my mom went in her shrimp boots, hah!
    and don't get me started on adam!! hottie

    1. Britt! I love it! I totally went and followed your blog! I didn't own boots so I just said to hell with it flip flops it is. I was totally under dressed for the weather Friday! Not complaining because you know how hot jazz fest can be most of the time. GEAUX TIGERS!

  5. never has a white tee looked so good.

    1. I know! I just wish the weather had cooperated Friday and not been cold. He might have taken off his shirt! At least I could dream about it.