Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Day 28, Only Pictures

Cinque Terre, Italy

The Cove Atlantis

My Motivation

I heart Alexander.

The house we stayed in Mexico. Everything you see that is yellow was our house.


PV, Mexico

Locks of Love Florence

Jefferson Island, LA

I love this picture. Such a candid shot of me and my friends.

Patrick Peterson. My all time favorite Tiger.

My sweet boys as puppies

Capri, Italy. Pure Magic

My home on a Saturday night in the fall.


PV, Mexico at Sunrise

Locks of Love Paris

Lady A at the Wharf in Orange Beach

Venice, Italy

Adam Levine my pretend Boyfriend.


  1. love it! my fave are the travel photos!

  2. Hi, I just stopped by to visit as I'm visiting some of the May bloggers. I am also a new follower on your blog. I love your photos. I can't believe you even have one of Jefferson Island. Cool! I'm from La.

  3. Love the pics, the scenery is gorgeous! Thanks so much for checking out my little blog :)

  4. can he be my pretend bf too?!

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