Friday, 17 May 2013

It's all about me today

Jenni, at Story of My Life Blog asked that Day 17 be a favorite photo of yourself and to tell you why we picked it. I couldn't pick just one. Sorry!

So I was what, probably 4 in the picture above. It's about when I fell in love with Halloween. Yeah, Halloween is my favorite holiday so that is why I love this pic so much. I was adorable and it involved Halloween.

I love this above pic of myself because I feel like it could be in a magazine ad. Mardi Gras is so much fun every year. I mean you get to act like a princess. I really want to blow this picture up and hang it in my living room someday.

This picture was taken in Seattle a few years ago. It shows my passion for LSU and my love of traveling all in one. Seattle just might have been one of my favorite football roadtrips. We brought 25,000 fans to the West Coast. Seattle will never be the same.

Mike the Tiger is my one true boyfriend. Can't you see?

I love the pic above because I use it as motivation. I will be that thin again. BTW no I am not a hooch this was Halloween one year. My friends like to tell me Donna Martin wants her outfit back.

 Last but not least is my picture in front of the leaning tower of Pisa. I love to travel and this represents my want to get back to Europe.


  1. These pictures are all adorable! I see why you couldn't pick just one!!

  2. Great photos, the first one is so sweet.

  3. love all the pictures! especially the ones at LSU and yes for traveling!!

  4. I love the mardi gras one!!! It's so pretty and fancy

  5. Great photos! Halloween is totally my favorite holiday, too. And I think I have that exact same photo from when I was in Pisa!

    Sarah @ Life As Always

  6. Ya know, I have never actually seen a photo of someone by the leaning tower of Pisa? In fact, until this moment I kind of forgot it existed... It looks amazing though, and leaning.

    And you were adorable. And you should frame a big copy of that photo. Or put it on canvas. And the SEC and it's crazy traveling football fans. CRAZY.

  7. it is definitely a goal of mine to go to Mardi Gras !

  8. Cute Halloween picture, I too like to travel.