Monday, 27 May 2013

Little Bit Country

So every Memorial Day weekend for the past few years Baton Rouge puts on a huge two day Country concert called Bayou Country Superfest. I picked Saturday to attend this year because both days is a little much. The line up on the day I picked was Aaron Lewis, Thompson Square, Darius Rucker, Miranda Lambert, and Lady Antebellum. I would have gone if it was just Lady A and none of the others.

Aaron Lewis made me happy because I loved him in Staind. I had to run into a meet and greet so I'm not sure if he played any staind songs. But he sang his country songs well. He totally doesn't look like a country singer with all his tatoos but when he starts singing he sells it!

Thompson Square was really good! Loved them! I didn't realize they were married. Guess you learn something new every day. I think they will be around for a long time or at least I hope so.

Hootie!!!!! OK! I know he is Darius but I don't know if I will ever be able to call him anything but Hootie! He was great. I didn't get to see all of his show because I had another meet and greet. So I totally missed Wagon Wheel and Lady Antebellum coming out on stage to sing it with them. He played some of his old stuff so I was happy!

Miranda Lamert. Hmmmmm what do I say about her. I think she is just angry! I would love to hangout with her but I'm def not into her music. You know have a beer because I think she is a beer drinker. Or i oculd have a vodka while she drinks some whiskey. A beach ball bounced on the stage and she totally popped it and threw it back into the crowd! In the past when they come on stage the acts sign the ball. She was not happy the ball was there. I did enjoy her set but I wouldn't pay money to see her again.

Now Lady Antebellum... What can I say? We were placing bets on if she was going to have that kid on stage! She is that pregnant! Charles carried her during the concert. They must have restructured the set list the more pregnant she got. I've seen them before and she normally sings more. I was ok with him singing more. Should have called it the Charles Kelly show. There was one point he sat on the satge and had a moment that I thought was the cutest thing. He said, "I'm an SEC boy and I am sitting in the middle of Tiger Stadium!" He gets it! He was saying exactly what I would say. It was adorable. He laid down on the stage after saying that and you know he was thinking how cool is this!!!? I just love them!

So rumor is next year Garth Brooks is going to play both nights of the show. If that happens I will pay a ton of money to get in the golden horseshoe. That is standing room only next to the stage. I want to be so close you can touch Garth! He is the best concert I have ever been to. Seriously!

Darius Rucker aka Hootie

Lady Antebellum
So I got lucky Sat and ended up with two meet and greets. I originally had just Lady Antebellum but my friend had an extra ticket and an extra meet and greet pass for Darius. I'm pretty sure I will never be allowed in another meet and greet again. I asked Darius if I could Tiger Bait him (LSU pride). And then I totally bypassed shaking Hillary's hand because I was supposed to tell Dave and Charles something. And then the real doozie is that I made a joke to Hillay about setting me up with Adam Levine! Yep! I did that! I don't think any of them thought that is what I was going to ask them.  Doesn't matter because I totally had a blast!

Hope you guys had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! I am super thankful for the troops out there serving and protecting our country.

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