Sunday, 5 May 2013

Sharing the Blog Love

Day 5 we are supposed to show the love to our fellow bloggers. I couldn't pick just one. HECK, I had a hard time picking two but I did it. These two are more than just my favorite bloggers they are also real life friends who inspire me all the time!

The first blogger I want y'all to meet is Lila from the Constant Tourist. She inspires me to travel and explore the most amazing places. Lila loves travel so much that she has recently become a travel agent and let me tell you I will certainly be using her on my next trip. Not only does she share her love of travel on her blog but she also shares her impecabile taste in clothes and decorating. So if you are into travel head on over to Lila's blog.  Let her pictures and stories draw you in. Be careful you may never want to leave!

Pictures taken from 

My next favorite blogger is Blair from Deliciously Golden. Blair is my voice of reason. She shares my love of sports especially LSU anything! She is an incredible dancer, teacher, chef, and friend. She is also the reason I lost a ton of weight last year. She helped me understand that food can be good and healthy. Food is more than just stopping thru a drive thru or fixing a sandwich. She blogs about receipes and health. She doesn't blog every day but when she does blog about something she made I want to lick the screen it all looks so good. Y'all should check her out. 

So I took all these pics off Blair's facebook so I can't tell you who took them.
Sorry I didn't post this earlier today but this weekend has been a little crazy with jazzfest and Cinco de drinko falling on the same weekend. Oh and throw work in the mix and I had a little time this weekend to peck out this post. Hope you enjoy my favorites! 

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  1. I love how blog friends become in-real-life friends, did you know Blair and Lila before blogging or did you come to know them through blogging? I moved from Fiji to Canberra (Australia) and didn't know anyone here. Now my closest friends are all blog friends, though we connect more in real life then we do on the blogs :)