Wednesday, 29 May 2013

I just want to make out with the music

Gosh y'all we have made it to day 29 in the Blog a Day in May challenge! Today we are supposed to give you five songs that speak to us or bring back memories! I love this because I love music! Music speaks to me.

Kenny Chesney singing please come to Boston gets me every time. I dated a man who was always gone for work and I feel this song represents us kind of sad right?

My second song is knee deep with Zac Brown Band and Jimmy Buffet. It's pretty self explanatory. I always want to be knee deep in the water somewhere!

This one is Kevin Griffin from Better Than Ezra singing one of my favorite songs they sing. It's called Under You. They have one line in the song that represents me all the time. "California seems to draw you like a siren...."

So this one is probably one of my all time favorite songs. Yes it is techno but it holds so many memories for me. People laugh when I say  I will play this at my wedding if I ever get married. And don't think I won't throw napkins when the song hits toward the end.

Please ignore the very beginning of this video I couldn't find a clean version of Porcelain on youtube. I have loved this song for years. I think everyone has had a moment in life where they have wanted to shake some sense into who ever they were with.


  1. Love love love 'Please Come to Boston'! Such a good song!

  2. nothing wrong with techno at your wedding if you ask me!